Fear of Flying (Aerophobia)

Fear of FlyingFear of flying is one of the most common phobias. Although statistically, flying is safer than driving or crossing the road, around one in ten people experience some kind of flying anxiety.

Ultimately, people are fearful that the plane will crash. The aspects of the flight which typically feed into this are take-off, turbulence and landing. Many are in a state of high anxiety even before they board the plane.

For some, their anxiety about flying can be traced back to a single incident. But for most, their fear has developed over time. Most of us don’t fly on a regular basis, like travelling by car or train. Levels of anxiety associated with a negative flight e.g. extreme turbulence can build up, and by the time of the next flight, the worst is feared (all positive flying experiences are forgotten). Much of this fear also has to do with control. Once the plane is in the air, if you are feeling uncomfortable or anxious, you cannot escape from the situation.

Typically, I will work with you on the run-up to the flight. We will focus on your general anxiety about flying, as well as those aspects of the flying experience which make you feel uncomfortable e.g. taking off or turbulence. On the day of the flight, your anxiety levels will be no more than those of the average flyer.