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What is Self Hypnosis?

Self Hypnosis is a self-induced altered or trance state. It is a powerful tool for accessing and programming the subconscious mind. By relaxing both body and mind, the critical factor (which separates the conscious mind from the subconscious mind) of the human is bypassed. In this state the subconscious part of the mind cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality, and the imagination trumps reality. Positive suggestions given for change are taken literally, and the individual can work on future goals.

Similar altered or trance states are the hypnopompic: when we begin to wake in the morning, but are neither asleep or awake, and the hypnogogic: when we begin to drift off to sleep at night, but are neither awake or asleep. Similarly, at these times, the mind is highly suggestible, and positive suggestions can be given for change.